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2020.07.22 Edits to our resources

  • Operations Manual

    • removed the blank page (11) from the document

    • added a nightly Inspection to the Sample Weekly Schedule

  • Build Manual

    • replaced image for the radial filter shelving to improve usability

    • added new images and cleared up instructions to build the radial filters

    • added new checklist items for fish tank instructions

    • general typo and grammatical issues

  • Website

    • removed the members area and replaced it with a single password protected download page. Members area was too clunky.

    • Updated email communications for those filling out form to join the Facebook group and how to download the latest documents for the project.

    • Made the downloads page less ugly!

    • Created this release notes page so users can see what changes are made each time a new update comes out.

    • Added future ability to create blog posts for the aquaponics project as it progresses.


2020.07.08 Initial release of our free open-source aquaponics food system resources

  • Overview document - presentation document to share with others if you're considering building a system and are looking for investors or partners.

  • Build Manual - includes a detailed parts list, instructions how to build the system from readily accessible and affordable parts.

  • Operation Manual - how to operate the system, including work schedules, fish and plant care, dealing with pests, etc. These are the same instructions we follow for our own systems.

  • Website - added a members area to download the plans from the website, added pages to describe the open-source project details.


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