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OASYS Training

Students learning aquaponics training


Upcoming Dates:

Colorado Springs Training:
June 5-23, 2023
Cost: $1,500 

Language: English

Lebanon Training:
August 14- September 1, 2023
Cost: $1,500
Language: English and Arabic

Builders Training:
(Condensed, Building-Focused)

October 2-13, 2023
Cost: $1,000
Language: English
Optional Outreach: Kenya

Kenya Training:
October 16- November 3, 2023 Cost: $1,500
Language: English

Partial scholarship may be available for each training. Please let us know if you are interested in applying for a scholarship.

Students are responsible for their own transportation to the location and for obtaining necessary visas and travel documents.


OASYS is an open-source, reproducible aquaponics system that YWAM Emerge developed and now builds around the world. Aquaponics is a sustainable and efficient agriculture system that combines hydroponics (growing plants without soil) and aquaculture (growing fish). A variety of vegetables and leafy greens can be grown using aquaponics, and the fish can also be harvested for food. This training course provides the foundation needed to successfully build, operate, and run an OASYS system and aquaponics business. Part of the training will be in the classroom and part will be hands-on building and operating. As part of the training you will receive detailed manuals on how to build and operate an OASYS system. (Click HERE for more details about the OASYS system)

You can expect to learn about topics such as:

  • Horticulture

  • Aquaculture

  • Bacteriology

  • Day-to-day operations

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Growing management

  • Environmental factors

  • Hands-on building experience

  • And much more!

These trainings and outreaches have limited space available. Participants will be selected based on multiple factors.

Please fill out this application if you are interested in attending this training.

Please understand that filling out the application does not mean you are automatically registered for the training, but that your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted.

Step 1:


Select an option
What Training are You Interested In?
If you are unfamiliar with the requirements needed to build an OASYS system, please review the specifications here before answering the following questions.

*You will not be unqualified if you answer "no" on any of them, but we may need to move you to another training if space is not available.
Do you have a location for a system?
Is there someone committed to running OASYS?
Do you have funding to build a system?
Your Application Will Be Reviewed Shortly!
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