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Field Trips

Your students will enjoy an interactive STEM-oriented tour that covers a variety of scientific and technological disciplines. Not only will they learn about aquaponics, all of the science that goes into creating a successful system and the technology that supports it, but they will also learn how we are bringing this sustainable food solution to vulnerable communities around the world. 


1 hour - 2 1/2 hours

2-4 Modules


We can accommodate grades kindergarten through college


$5.00 per person*

*Financial assistance available if needed


We have tour options ranging from 1 hour to 2 1/2 hours. Topics and learning modules will be adjusted depending on tour length.

1 hour: 2 Modules:

1 1/2 Hours: 3 Modules

2 Hours: 4 Modules

2 1/2 Hours: 4 Modules and a lunch break

Your students will learn about:

o Aquaculture (fish)
o Bacteriology (bacteria and multiplication)
o Engineering system design (system design, pumps water flow)
o Thermal dynamics (geothermal system and high pressure foggers,
heating/cooling water)
o Architecture (design plans for greenhouse and systems)

o Chemistry (water/ph/amendments)
o Horticulture (plant
o Food Safety (pathogen transfer)
o Hydrology (irrigation and movement of water)
o Environmental Mitigation (water and resource conservation)
o Meteorology (greenhouse temperature and humidity)
o Technology (automation)

o Business (social enterprise and ethics)


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