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To help the estimated
826 million suffering from chronic undernourishment

We help launch
local food systems 

  that help reduce poverty with dignity

We Are
What We Do

YWAM Emerge was founded in 2013 and is dedicated to feeding the hungry, training people in discipleship and aquaponics, and lifting up vulnerable communities through economic development. Using aquaponics as a sustainable food source, YWAM Emerge works to provide a solution to food insecurity and to equip people with the tools and knowledge to grow their own food. Through training, mentoring and equipping, we aim to make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. 


The foundation for long-term success come from education, so we offer an in-depth OASYS aquaponics course and a Discipleship Training School.

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We help people build and operate their own OASYS system for food production using our detailed plans and manuals. 



We help affirm the call of business leaders & entrepreneurs to reach the world through their skills, businesses, and networks..

Why Aquaponics?

Aquaponics combines the efficiency of hydroponics (growing in water) while using nutrients produced through aquaculture (the cultivation of fish). The fish waste is converted into nutrients for the plants, which in turn purify the water for the fish. Both the vegetables and/or fruit and the fish can be harvested for food in a well-run aquaponics system.


Aquaponic systems generate fresh, healthy produce year round, they use 90% less water, typically bring more revenue, require less time, and have far less impact on the environment than traditional farming.

We designed our OASYS Aquaponics system to be small enough to be operated by an individual or family, but large enough to provide income and nutritious food to communities.

Get Involved With Us



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Your donations help support our work around the world and allow our staff to continue serving with us.


Help build an OASYS system by donating your time and skills.

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Attend our OASYS course to learn how to build and operate your own aquaponics system

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